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Welcome to the Darkest Heart Webring. I have created this site to bring together those that wish to show their works, their dreams, their creativity that involve anything Gothic in nature. Meaning that anything that deals with Vampires and the like are more than welcome in this ring. Your site tho does have to deal with -something- gothic. Either story wise, poetry, or artistically inclined. If you are just signing up just to sign up, dont. I do check the sites that join my ring and i would really love to keep this ring exactly what it was meant for. So basically if your site is Gothic in nature, please feel free to join!

  • Only sites dealing with vampires,vampirism or sites of interest to vampires will be accepted.
  • No Porn sites are allowed, slight cases of nudity in pictures will be determined by me if acceptable or not.
  • Do not submit your site if it is only an index page with a "Coming Soon" message.
  • No RPG sites - they have their place, but not here.
  • Goth sites are welcome, provided that they are original in content.
  • As I said before, I will certainly accept original fiction. Who doesn't like to read a good story or some moving poetry? However, please have your site *labeled* as fiction (i.e. by means of a disclaimer) so that surfers can distinguish between sites that are informational and sites that are fictional.

  • Click HERE to download the HTML Fragment for the ring.
  • Save this graphic to your system.. DO NOT link to this graphic please!

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